As a driver, a check engine light can seem like your best friend and worst enemy at the same time. That little light will clue you into the fact that something may be wrong in your Audi, but often we are unsure what that issue may be. A talented mechanic will be able to help you out and get your Audi running back in the tip-top shape you are accustomed to in no time, but you’ll have to know where to look.

In this blog, we’ll discuss your best options for getting check engine light maintenance done in and around the San Rafael, California area, and will also help explain why you need to pay attention to the check engine light.

Do I really need to get my Audi’s engine checked out?

We’ve all been there—seeing that check engine light come on hoping that it will just go away on its own. While that may happen sometimes, you really shouldn’t leave things to chance by ignoring a check engine light or any other service light that comes on in your Audi.

Here are some reasons to check out your Audi’s engine when the dashboard light tells you to:

There Really Is an Issue With Your Vehicle

Chances are, that light didn’t come on for nothing. When the check engine light comes on, it is indicative of an issue with your Audi, whether minor or more serious. A few of the most common problems are a missing gas cap, a bad oxygen sensor, emissions problems and serious engine problems.

It Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Getting out in front of the issue and nipping it in the bud will pay much higher dividends than waiting out an engine problem, only to find that things are much worse than before. Your wallet will thank you if you get the check engine light serviced in your Audi.

The Problem May Get Worse

Running on a broken engine definitely is not going to fix the problem that you’ve been alerted to. The problem needs to be addressed before the condition of your Audi worsens, potentially to the point of being undriveable.

Weighing Your Options

When you’ve decided that your car needs to be serviced and inspected, you have a few different options on how to get it fixed. Mainly, you have two choices, either taking it to a dealership or to a local repair shop. For those that are more mechanically inclined, you may even decide to take a stab at the repair yourself.

We’ve outlined the differences between these primary options below.

The Dealership

Dealerships are an option for those who need maintenance on their Audi. What you will find, however, is that there is little communication at a dealership with the actual technicians who will be servicing your car. These locations are often too busy to offer personalized service and are known to sometimes charge prices higher than other alternatives.

Repair Shops

Those in need of repair work may also turn to the assistance of a local repair shop. Repair shops often charge less than dealerships because they do not have regulations that are as restrictive as dealerships. Service is more focused on the customer and is typically of the same quality that can be found at a dealership.

Visit Heynneman European for World-Class Service

Having a check engine light come on in your Audi can be stressful. Trusting your Audi to the experienced and certified technicians at Audi Engine Check Heynneman European in San Rafael can relieve that stress because you know your vehicle is in good hands.

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Don’t worry if your Audi’s check engine light comes on. Our mechanics have the know-how and experience to accurately identify and solve the problem, and we will be sure to keep up clear and honest communication with you so you are there with us every step of the way. If you need world-class maintenance and repair as well as unbeatable customer service, stop by or give us a call, anytime.

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