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Whether your car is automatic or manual, the transmission needs to be taken care of properly or you’re going to have big problems on your hands. A properly working transmission is key to enjoying smooth shifting and the comfortable performance that drivers rely on in any car but especially in European vehicles. As your transmission wears down over time, it can lead to many different issues and discomforts while driving. It can also lead to major problems throughout your car, including with the engine. By checking your transmission regularly, you can keep your entire car performing at a higher level and keep yourself out of expensive repairs and visits to the shop. At Heynneman European, we offer complete transmission services & repairs for the most popular European brands. For drivers throughout the San Rafael area, we’re the go-to shop for honest, affordable, and high-quality service.

Brands We Service

At Heynneman European, we proudly offer dealership-level transmission maintenance for the area’s most popular European brands:

With each make and model requiring unique services, our ASE certified mechanics have decades of experience when it comes to repairing transmissions. We’re confident that we’ve seen just about every issue and problem that a transmission can have.

Car Transmission Fluid Change
Our shop is fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available to ensure the most accurate services possible. With how your car relies on the transmission, we believe that there’s no room for error when it comes to maintenance. We also back our work with a 24-month/24,000mile warranty so that you can always drive with confidence that your car is taken care of.

Common Signs of a Slipping Transmission

Recognizing any of these signs early can help you identify a transmission problem before it becomes a major (and expensive) issue:

  • Delayed acceleration
  • Unusual smells like burnt when driving
  • RPM is excessively high (3,500+)
  • Difficulties shifting gears
  • Check engine light constantly coming on and off
  • Unusual noises coming from transmission

Our mechanics will help you find any issue and repair it accurately the first time. We make it easier and more convenient for you to take better care of your car.

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Conveniently located in San Rafael, the team at Heynneman European are proud to help drivers from surrounding areas that include:

Annual service appointments and regular maintenance goes a long way towards making sure that you always get the best out of your car. Please call or visit our shop today and let our mechanics help you make taking care of your car as easy and convenient as possible.

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