Is a high-pitch whining noise coming out of your BMW’s engine compartment? And, you are completely in dark about its source. Well, don’t worry… we are here to help you diagnose and address the issue. One likely reason- probably the most obvious on- your car might be giving off such an odd noise is that its water pump is worn and in need of repair. To conclude if this is indeed the case, go through the following discussion.

Water Pump: The Part That Makes Coolant Circulation Possible

Yup… Water pump is the reason coolant get to circulate within its designated pathways inside the system. You can think of it as the heart of your BMW cooling system– entrusted with the task of pumping coolant throughout the system. Now you can imagine the consequences you might have to deal with should this component ceases to function.

But how can you be sure if your BMW’s water pump is acting up??? Well, you can look for a few signs- some of the most obvious ones are discussed below in detail.

#1- Irritating whining noise

Water pump modern cars come equipped with are of very complex design and electrically operated. To function at different speeds, your BMW’s water pump relies on the command from the Digital Motor Electronics or DME. If there a glitch in one of its electrical parts or its bearing is damaged, a distinctive whining noise will be produced as the water pump operates. The intensity of the noise will only increase over time.

#2- Coolant pouring out

If you suspect a water pump issue in your BMW, you can look for traces of coolant leak on your garage floor. If there are indeed puddles of coolant on your garage floor, have a professional check on your vehicle’s water pump. Some of the other reasons, in addition to a defective water pump, that can result in coolant loss in a vehicle include a cracked hose, a damaged radiator, a broken thermostat etc…

#3- Temperature gauge reads high

Has your BMW’s engine temperature gauge been displaying abnormally high reading? It could be due to that fact that your engine cooling system is struggling to do the task it has been entrusted with- most probably due to a defective water pump. A faulty water pump won’t be able to propel coolant within the system as efficiently as the DME wants it to. This is something that can cause the engine temperature to jump abnormally.

#4- Engine overheating

It is not that a defective water pump would only cause the engine temperature to jump abnormally high… it may also push the engine on the verge of overheating. So if your BMW engine temperature is rising at an abnormal pace and its likelihood of getting overheated is very high, have a mechanic check on its water pump. If it is fine, check on the coolant level and other crucial parts of the cooling system.

Consequences Of Ignoring Water Pump Issues

#1- Irreparable engine damage

A defective water pump, as discussed earlier, can result in engine overheating. If you decide to keep on driving with an overheated engine, you may end up with irreparable engine problems down the road. Some of the issues that you might have to deal with if you continue driving with an overheated engine include head gasket failure, oil seal crack, engine block damage, warped cylinder head, etc…

#2- Expensive cooling system repair

The water pump, if act up, can contribute to a wide range of cooling system-related issues including burst coolant hose, damaged radiator, cracked thermostat housing, etc. A glitch in the water pump may also result in unsanctioned coolant loss in a vehicle. The point is if you don’t want your vehicle’s engine cooling system to give up in the middle of nowhere, you must ensure the upkeep of its water pump.

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