Volvos can develop issues at any time, including issues with the steering column. This is an intricate part of your vehicle’s power steering system. The steering column allows the steering wheel to turn appropriately in order to control your Volvo’s wheels on the roadways. If you experience steering problems, you must have your vehicle inspected immediately by a highly-trained mechanic, but when should you replace the steering column of your Volvo?

Importance of the Steering Column

The steering column of your Volvo is conveniently located between the steering box and steering wheel. It is home to the tilt steering mechanism, steering shaft, airbag mechanism, and ignition lock.

Responsible for relaying the message from the steering box to the wheels, the steering column is vital in the function of your vehicle’s steering system as, without it, you would be left unable to turn your vehicle in any direction.

Common Warning Signs of Steering Column Problems

The steering column plays a critical role in allowing your Volvo to execute turns allowing you to navigate the roadway. So, when it fails, there are some obvious signs that are likely to occur.

  • The steering wheel will not center: As you drive your Volvo, the steering wheel is designed to turn left and right to execute turns, allow you to change lanes, and navigate the roadway to get you from point A to point B. When you turn the steering wheel, it is designed to return to a center, straight position once you are done. When it does not return to a center position, it is time to have the steering column inspected.
  • Odd noises from the steering wheel: The steering wheel should operate quietly as you make turns. However, if you notice squeaking, clicking, or grinding noise, something is not right and needs inspection.
  • You experience difficulty turning the steering wheel: The steering column is an integral part of your Volvo’s power steering system. As you turn, the steering wheel should glide smoothly with no hesitation. However, if you experience resistance in the function of your steering wheel, this is a sign of dirt or debris restricting the steering system.
  • The tilt steering mechanism no longer locks: A tilt steering wheel is designed to allow you to move the steering wheel and lock it into a position that is comfortable to you. When the steering column fails, the tilt mechanism is no longer able to remain in a locked position which can be quite dangerous to the safety of you, other occupants, and others around you on the roadway.

When should the steering column be replaced in my Volvo?

The steering column is an intricate part of Volvo’s power steering system. Without it, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate your vehicle on the roadway with increased resistance as you attempt to turn the steering wheel.

Because it is so important in keeping your vehicle safely in your lane on the road, the steering column is built to last. While it is made with durable materials to ensure you are safe on the road, the steering column may experience failure. Experts recommend replacing the steering column every 100,000 miles or sooner if you experience any steering problems.

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