An MAF failure in a Porsche is not the first thing that comes to mind for owners of the famous and quality built line of vehicles. Long known for performance and style, the Porsche is as susceptible to mechanical and electrical issues as any other highly engineered cars can be over time. In this article, we will describe the symptoms of a faulty MAF system and possible causes of its failure.

Purpose of a MAF Sensor

The MAF sensor, or Mass Air Flow sensor in your Porsche is designed to be the first point of decision making that determines how much fuel is needed to operate your Porsche at top efficiency. By measuring airflow through your Porsche’s intake, the MAF sensor signals your fuel injection system of how much fuel to add and gives the proper air/fuel mixture for optimum performance.

Symptoms of MAF Sensor Failure

Your MAF sensor controls not only performance for speed but also loads affecting traction. If your MAF is failing, you may experience traction issues while driving. When a MAF sensor fails, a myriad of issues can happen. Below are some possible symptoms your MAF sensor may be failing.

  • If your MAF sensor is malfunctioning, it will cause your car’s computer to add too much or not enough fuel into the system. This is what is called running rich or lean. When this happens, several problems may take place.
  • Stalling: If your Porsche is receiving the wrong amount of air and fuel mixture, it can stall due to being starved for fuel. This can leave you stranded on the road if it occurs.
  • Rough Idle: A rough idle will show itself by a heavy shaking and vibration as the car first attempts to stall, and the car’s computer adjusts to keep the engine running. Do not continue to operate your Porsche with a rough idle. Have it taken to a professional mechanic to diagnose properly.
  • Engine not Starting: Similar to what happens when stalling, your Porsche may not start at all if the failing MAF sensor does not send the right amount of fuel to start and keep your car running.
  • Delayed acceleration: When you press on the gas and nothing happens or acceleration is delayed, you may be dealing with a MAF sensor failure. Basically, without the proper signal from your MAF sensor, your car does not understand what you want it to do when pressing on the accelerator. This can lead to a delay in reaction time or no reaction at all.
  • Fuel Consumption: Poor fuel consumption will occur with a bad MAF sensor. If the system sends the wrong amount of fuel to the engine, you may be burning much more than needed to operate your Porsche. Soon you find your gas tank is not taking you as far as before.
  • Check engine: The check engine light will normally illuminate when your Porsche’s system receives an error code from a failed MAF sensor.

Common Causes of MAF Sensor Failure

Your Porsche’s MAF sensor has a wire that, when heated, is what takes the measurement of airflow through it. If this sensor has any contamination on it, the sensor will not work properly. Below are a few reasons your sensor may become contaminated.

An air filter in your Porsche and any other cars serves as a trap for contaminants before they can reach engine components including the MAF sensor. If the air filter is not changed during the required intervals or is missing altogether, contamination of the MAF sensor will occur. This is one reason keeping service appointments and spending a little money on maintenance is cheaper in the long run.

The thin wire inside the MAF sensor is susceptible to damage. Many do-it-yourself mechanics have been known to damage the MAF while attempting to complete a separate repair.

Over time, especially when a Porsche owner lives near the coast, corrosion can cause your MAF sensor issues. Even filtered air intake will allow some corrosive salts to pass, causing damage.

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