Driving enthusiasts love driving Audis. The car is designed with the driver in mind. However, like any vehicle, they have common issues that you may run into. One common issue that Audi owners experience is digital dashboard failure. The digital dashboard is necessary for driving safely. If you experience digital dashboard failure in your Audi, come see the experts at Heynneman European.

What is the Digital Dashboard?

Most dashboards in newer vehicles no longer have the old dials and gauges. They are now equipped with more reliable digital readouts. Many digital displays allow you to choose between a variety of display options.

Your dashboard allows you to see all the important data while you are driving. It allows you to see your speed, fuel level, oil pressure, engine temperature, among other things. This information is vital when driving your Audi.

Below are some dashboard warning lights that help keep you safe. There are many different lights, and not all are listed. If you have a light that has been triggered, see your vehicle’s service manual or call your trusted Audi service center.

Low Fuel

You need to know how much fuel you have in your car. Running out of fuel can be dangerous and lead to an accident.

Check Engine Light

This light is triggered when your car has an issue. If you are unable to see this light, you will not know when there is a problem.

Oil Pressure

Oil is necessary for lubrication. This light will warn you if you are low on oil or your system isn’t circulating correctly.

Engine Temperature

If your engine gets too hot, it can experience complete failure. It is vital that you know how hot your engine is running. Continuing to run your car while it is overheating can be catastrophic.


Brake fluid is necessary for your brakes to work. When this light is triggered, you need to have your brake fluid checked. Do not continue to drive your vehicle, or you could get into a serious accident.


The battery light is an indication that there is an electrical system malfunction. Stop the vehicle and call your trusted Audi service technician for assistance.

Steering Wheel with “!” Indicator

It is possible for your power steering to malfunction. This can be very serious. Stop at a safe location and call for help immediately.

Steering Wheel with Key

This indicates that the steering lock has malfunctioned. Call your preferred Audi service technician for assistance. Do not have your car towed since your wheels are unable to turn.


ABS stands for anti-lock braking system. When this light stays lit, there has been a malfunction. Drive your Audi to a reputed Audi service center. Be very careful. Call for a tow if there is any hesitation to drive.

Brake Wear

This warning lets you know that the brake pads have reached the end of their life. You can continue driving, but you need to schedule to have them replaced.


When the tire light is lit, you have at least one tire with low air pressure. Driving with underinflated tires can cause tire failure. There is an increase in friction that causes overheating. This leads to tread separation, blowouts, and premature wear.

Causes of Digital Dashboard Failure

There are two common causes of digital dashboard failure in the Audi:

Blown Fuse

The most common cause of dashboard failure is a blown fuse. All fuses need to be functioning correctly to work together. Symptoms of a blown fuse include a dim, dark, flashing, or glitchy screen. These symptoms occur due to a lack of power.

Instrument Cluster Failure

This is a serious failure. When there is an issue with the instrument cluster, your Audi’s gauges can act erratically. They can look faded, pixelated, flash, flicker, provide inaccurate data, and disappear then reappear.

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