Mercedes are highly-sophisticated cars known in the market for being a quality European car. An important component of your Mercedes is the thermostat within your engine. This is not to be confused with a thermostat that indicates outdoor weather temperatures. This coolant-controlling device maintains your engine’s health.

An engine that remains within its temperature limits is vital in all places, but especially in dry areas such as San Rafael, CA. It is important to ensure this component is functioning properly, since it impacts your entire driving experience.

A thermostat regulates the flow of coolant throughout the engine and is a rather crucial part of the car as a whole. Car engines run best at temperatures between 160 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit, and the thermostat is the device that regulates this temperature.

Since metals will expand and contract with temperature changes, the thermostat, which is a valve, brings temperatures to the right value by allowing the circulation of coolant throughout the engine. This way your car runs smoothly and you will not have issues with the engine.

Reasons Behind Thermostat Failures

Thermostats in and of themselves are relatively inexpensive parts, so you do not have to worry about the cost of the parts involved in this type of replacement. Heynneman European provides thorough check-ups for your Mercedes and provides affordable care for your European vehicle. Take a look at this list to see if you recognize any signs of a thermostat failure in your Mercedes:

  • Issues with the water pump: The water pump is the main component to help cool your engine while it runs. The water pump allows coolant to flow from the engine to the radiator, where the temperature is balanced and your engine maintains a proper temperature range.
  • Damaged radiator: The radiator of a car transfers the heat of the liquid inside the car to the air outside to cool. A damaged radiator can easily lead to overheating, which can even damage the thermostat
  • Problems with the drive belt: The drive belt is also crucial to the workings of any vehicle. This part delivers power to the cooling system. So if your thermostat is faulty, the drive belt could well be the reason why.

Warning Signs of Thermostat Failure

If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your Mercedes, there is a high likelihood that you have an issue with your car’s thermostat. These warning signs can include:

  • Engine overheating: If you are finding it difficult to cool down your engine, even in cold climates, this indicates a larger problem at hand. You want a perfectly-functioning engine at all times, otherwise, there is a danger posed to the driver and everyone in your vehicle.
  • Temperature gauge: If the temperature gauge on your dashboard is showing suspiciously high numbers, there is an issue going on under the hood that needs inspection and diagnostic testing. Have your Mercedes towed to our shop for professional evaluation.
  • Leaking coolant: You want to check under your car often for suspicious leakages.

Heynneman European to Fix Your Thermostat

Although you can replace your thermostat at home, there could be other problems due to the one faulty part you have noticed. If you simply replace the part, Mercedes Thermostat Replacement you could be overlooking other issues, such as corrosion.

Mercedes recommends flushing your car’s system to change the thermostat. In addition, to check if the thermostat is the issue, there is a complicated list of testing the coolant temperature, coolant flow, and taking the thermostat out so you can make sure it is working. Because this process is complicated for car owners, we highly recommend allowing our professionals to get the job right and quickly to save you time and money.

Heynneman European has experienced technicians who will guarantee your satisfaction with our parts and labor. There are different types of thermostats on the market, and we are equipped with the best models to provide your Mercedes with the best replacement parts possible.

We are located in San Rafael, CA, and proudly service our customers in the communities in and around Larkspur, Kentfield, Corte, Mill Valley, San Anselmo, and Fairfax. Bring your Mercedes to us today so we can repair and restore your model to its intended design.

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