Audi’s are high-performance automobiles that are held to extreme standards among drivers. Performance, comfort, and luxury are just a few of the many reasons drivers choose this specific make. Although Audi’s are known for their engine performance and cabin luxury, they are still subject to normal wear. But what do you do when you find your Audi is experiencing a valve cover oil leak?

The Valve Cover’s Function

Every model manufactured by Audi comes equipped with a valve cover. The valve cover is located within the engine and serves to protect the valve train. It is an extremely important part as the valve train regulates both the fuel and airflow into the cylinders within the engine as well as manages the exhaust gases from the internal combustion process.

A valve cover is placed on top of each cylinder head within the engine compartment to ensure fuel is not able to leak out of the engine and protects all of the valve train components from damage.

What causes valve cover oil leaks?

The most common and main cause for a valve cover to leak oil is due to normal wear and tear inflicted upon your Audi. The valve covers on top of each cylinder head are made of a plastic material. This plastic is durable and manufactured to withstand excessive amounts of heat. However, they do have a breaking point resulting in deterioration.

The extreme temperature changes within the engine compartment will cause the valve covers to expand and contract as the temperature rises and falls, leaving the plastic valve covers cracked and damaged.

Symptoms of Valve Cover Damage

Many believe that a small oil leak is nothing to be too concerned about, but that is simply not true. As with anything small, when the leak is left untreated it becomes a much larger oil leak leading to further and much more expensive damage.

The most commonly reported symptoms of a damaged valve cover are:

  • Smelling burning oil: A driver will begin to smell oil burning within the engine compartment as a result of oil dripping onto the extremely hot parts of the engine.
  • Engine misfires: This is caused by oil leaking out onto the spark plugs leaving the engine unable to function properly.
  • Oil stains: This is likely the most obvious sign that your vehicle is leaking oil. As a driver, you may notice small to large puddles beneath your vehicle or even stains where your vehicle has been parked for any length of time.

It is extremely important as a driver that you do not ignore an oil leak. When oil leaks out onto other parts of your vehicle, there is an increased risk of catastrophic and irreversible damage. In addition to the increased risk of damage to your vehicle, a valve cover oil leak simply leaves your Audi unpleasant to drive, as it compromises the performance of your vehicle.

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