Your BMW is a luxury car that guarantees you a smooth ride if you take good care of it. If you are having clutch issues with your car, it could lead to issues that result in your car not functioning as designed by the engineers at BMW.

The clutch is an extremely important articulate part of your car. The clutch system is responsible for engaging and disengaging the transmission of power. This links the engine to the transmission.

The clutch is the 3rd pedal that you can depress with your left foot when you are driving. It allows the driver to change gears in a manual transmission. So if you are having clutch issues, please visit Heynneman European, the best repair shop for inspection and repair of your BMW’s clutch system.

Common Issues with the Clutch

Wear and tear are normal in all cars, but maintaining your BMW with routine service will help you and your mechanic stay on top of any issues that are beginning to develop. A BMW specialist will see signs of a worn clutch and advise you of its lifespan and when it is time to replace it. The common culprits of clutch degradation are age and natural wear & tear. If you notice the signs below in your BMW, bring it in to our shop to have it inspected, to see if it is time to replace your clutch:

  • Clutch is Sticking: If you feel your clutch pedal has changed recently, there is a chance that the clutch itself has sustained damage. If it is difficult to engage or alternatively extremely loose, you may be at the end-of-life for your clutch. If you feel like it is vibrating or shaking, you need the clutch system checked for damage.
  • Clutch Burnout: Something to be aware of is often termed as clutch burnout. This can occur if a driver changes gears often to maximize their engine’s performance. While it may be enjoyable to accelerate quickly to gain speed faster than other cars starting at a traffic light, this type of strain has mechanical repercussions, including damage to the clutch.
  • Funny noises: When you press down on your clutch, if you hear grinding or squeaking noises, the clutch may be failing. Your BMW’s clutch should not make any sounds when you depress the pedal. So if you hear grinding noises or rattling, anything out of the ordinary, it is time to have your BMW’s clutch inspected by BMW specialists.
  • Trouble shifting gears: If you are noticing that your car is slipping gears and it is unable to accelerate after you’ve changed to a higher gear, there is definitely an issue with the clutch and the transmission. Your BMW may even become stuck in a lower gear than you want, making the car difficult to drive overall. If this occurs, pull off the road safely into a parking lot or rest stop area and all for a tow to your nearest BMW repair center.

Heynneman European will Fix Your BMW’s Clutch Issues

Before your BMW is safe to drive again, there are many steps to repairing your clutch issue. These steps include jacking up the car, BMW Clutch Service removing the exhaust, driveshaft, and CV axle, and finally removing the manual transmission in order to inspect and fully repair it. The components must be reassembled properly for your BMW to function as designed.

If you are not familiar with the labor and do not have the proper equipment to work on your transmission system at home, Heynneman European is your trusted BMW repair shop. We employ certified mechanics who have years of experience with the technology and mechanics of BMW models.

Heynneman European highly recommends against attempting suspension, transmission, and clutch repairs at home. We guarantee your satisfaction in our labor and parts and guarantee our service with a 24-Month/24,000-Mile warranty. We also offer complimentary loaner cars and free WIFI in our waiting area.

We are located in San Rafael, CA, and are the best European clutch repair shop in your area. We provide expert services to Larkspur, Kentfield, Corte, Mill Valley, San Anselmo, and Fairfax, so bring your BMW to us for inspection. Call us today!

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