Brakes are the most important safety device in your vehicle, and their reliable operation is absolutely critical to maintaining a safe and comfortable ride in your Mercedes. Regular brake servicing is needed to make sure the brakes haven’t worn down and to complete any necessary repairs or replacements if they have. Regular brake servicing will benefit your Mercedes in many ways, so let’s go ahead and dive into them.

Why You Need Regular Brake Service for Your Mercedes

Your Mercedes is built to a high standard, and as a driver, you’ve probably become accustomed to that quality performance. However, brake issues can develop over time if you do not get your brakes serviced by a professional auto technician.

The brakes in your Mercedes will wear down the more you drive as the friction between the disc and the brake pad increases. Dirt, grime, and other contaminants will also build up in the brake system and contribute to other issues if they aren’t cleaned when you take your car to the shop.

Generally, a brake service only includes cleaning and lubricating the brake pads and brake discs rather than replacing them. These components do need to be replaced typically after 50,000 or so miles. Your mechanic will also inspect the brake pads’ thickness to gauge how much longer they can be used before being replaced.

Saving You Time, Worry and Money

As with most regular vehicle maintenance, regular brake servicing will save you a big headache in the future. If you keep your Mercedes brakes clean and in good condition, you’re much less likely to be sidelined by any brake problems, such as the brakes seizing up.

Brake servicing will also keep some of your worries at bay. Your brakes are the most important part in your car for keeping you safe, so if you do your part as a responsible driver to have them regularly inspected and cleaned, you’ll be ensuring that your car will be able to stop on a dime in emergencies and close calls.

Finally, regular brake servicing can greatly extend the lifespan of the disc brakes in your Mercedes. Dirt and grime accelerates the wearing down of the brake pads in your car, which will build up if you don’t take the time to get your brakes serviced.

When to Service the Brakes on Your Mercedes

First off, we want to stress that if you notice anything abnormal about the performance of your brakes, you should have your car inspected by a reliable mechanic as soon as possible. Even if it seems like a mundane issue, or if you think it’s not too bad, it is absolutely critical that your brakes are functioning.

Signs that your brakes need to be serviced or replaced are a high pitched squealing when stopping, reduced stopping power, a grinding sound, or if the brakes generally don’t feel right.

For regular maintenance, Mercedes-Benz generally recommends that drivers get the brakes in their car serviced at least once every 12,000 miles or 12 months. Every 50,000 or so miles, the brake pads will need to be replaced rather than serviced.

Heynneman European in San Rafael Offers High Quality Brake Services

At Heynneman European, we want all of our Mercedes Brake Service customers to be safe and comfortable when driving their vehicle, and we understand that brake issues in your Mercedes can keep that from happening. Thankfully, we have all the necessary tools, expert knowledge, and years of experience to keep your brakes in tip-top shape with regular brake servicing.

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