There was a time when the only use of the car was to get us from point A to point B. Over the years, however, we have seen some amazing technological advances in the way our vehicles operate and function. Some of these modern additions improved our safety (such as the use of cameras and sensors) while others have improved how we communicate (both with our vehicles and through the use of our vehicles).

New Technologies in the BMW

Few vehicle manufacturers can top BMW when it comes to equipping their cars with the latest and greatest technology. The 2020+ model years have been no exception when it comes to standing out. These amazing new additions include features that optimize the driving experience while allowing the driver to connect both to their vehicle and their phone in ways never seen before.  Let’s explore some of these exciting new features and capabilities now.

Digital Key

The BMW Digital Key is by far the most incredible advancement in locking and unlocking our vehicles since the microchip key was invented. The Digital Key actually allows its users the ability to use an app on their mobile phone to lock or unlock their vehicle. This app can allow up to five different users access to this feature. However, the digital key can do so much more than just unlock your doors. There are features that allow parents to set restrictions on teen drivers such as maximum speed allowed and maximum stereo volume.

Driver Assist Professional

In a recent user poll the new BMW Driving Assistant Professional came in as a top crowd pleaser. As the name implies, this feature provides quite a variety of functions that are sure to please any driver. This piece of technology is a collection of features that include Steering and Lane Control Assist, Active Navigation, and Emergency Lane Assistant.

As if these incredible features aren’t enough, the new Assisted View tops the cake. Through the use of cameras and sensors placed strategically around the BMW, a 3D image appears on your dashboard showing any potential hazards in your immediate surrounding area.

BMW Connected

BMW Connected is another smart advancement offered by the BWM Group. This technology focuses intently on the individual mobility needs and provides the user with access to a highly personalized world of digital connection services. This feature links context-sensitive information with the latest date on traffic and road conditions and provides the most efficient driving directions to get the driver where they need to be as quickly and safely as possible.

Energy Independence

The BMW brand has surpassed other manufacturers in their one-of-a-kind new stationary energy storage unit which has been created by utilizing used BMW i3 batteries. This technology allows drivers to offset consumption peaks and operate in a manner that is less dependent on external energy sources. This feature also calculates optimum charging times saving household energy costs.

Mobile Network

The BMW brand has collaborated with its partners, Peiker and Nash Technologies, to develop a new innovation, called the “Vehicular CrowdCell“. Using mobile femtocells in vehicles, the Vehicular CrowdCell increases the capacity and coverage of your local mobile network. Electric car-sharing fleets are the primary current users of this design. In cities with high density, this technology could soon be making dead spots a thing of the past.

Car-Sharing 2.0

BMW is no stranger to the rapidly-emerging use of car-sharing. Pioneering the “ReachNow” brand, BMW is allowing customers the ability to opt for a number of valuable services in the future including (but not limited to) wider options for vehicle drop-off, longer limits on times of usage, specialized services for closed user groups, increased out-of-town options, better rewards for renting out your private vehicle, and providing or acquiring the use of a BMW along with a chauffeur driver.

BMW Labs

The BMW Labs portal is pretty impressive. This invention allows BMW to test any new ConnectedDrive services with customers during development. Customers can then send active input to the BMW company. BMW owners can now connect to over 260 different services including messaging, cloud services, automatic light controls, and many more amazing features.

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* BMW E92 M3 Car image credit goes to: Brandon Woyshnis.

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