When you first purchased your Mercedes, chances are that it was smooth and offered you the premium driving experience you expected. If your vehicle starts to develop transmission problems, your ride may not be as smooth and comfortable as it once was, and it may turn into a costly repair. This article is going to cover some of the signs that your Mercedes needs transmission repair, some common transmission problems and the best place to go in San Rafael to get it repaired.

What Your Transmission Does

The transmission is one of the main two components of your vehicle. The job of a car’s transmission is to make sure that the right amount of power goes to your wheels to drive at a given speed. The power generated by the engine is converted into usable power to spin the wheels.

Over time, transmissions can break down and cause problems, and your Mercedes is sadly not immune. Next, we’ll cover some of the common tell-tale signs of a bad transmission.

Signs of Transmission Problems

Hopefully, if your Mercedes begins to have problems with the transmission, you will be able to spot it quickly so that it can be repaired correctly before any further damage is done. Some transmission issues can be very dangerous and cost large sums of money if they aren’t fixed promptly.

As a responsible driver, there are a number of warning signs that you can look out for and keep in mind to ensure that you notice any potential problems with your Mercedes. We’ve outlined some of those warning signs below.

Shaking, Grinding Feeling While Shifting

Your car should feel smooth when shifting from gear to the next. Whether you drive a manual or automatic model of Mercedes, a smooth shift is a key part of your driving experience. While this may be easy to ignore at first, the shaking or grinding feeling will continue to worsen with the condition of the transmission.

Delay When Putting Your Car in Gear

If your vehicle delays to respond when you put it into reverse or drive, this is an indication that either the transmission fluid needs to be changed, there is a computer issue in the vehicle or some other problem with the transmission.

Strange Noises Coming From Under the Vehicle

Any clunking, banging or whining noises emanating from the underside of your car are not normal and should be taken seriously. If you notice any of these sounds you should get your car checked out by a trusted mechanic.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Are there puddles of red fluid on your driveway or in your garage? If so, your Mercedes is leaking transmission fluid. Your transmission needs fluid to keep things well lubricated and cool, and a leak can cause parts to deteriorate quicker.

Check Engine Light is On

Finally, if your check engine light comes on, there’s a chance it’s indicative of a transmission problem. Obviously, it could be any number of things, but a transmission issue is a possibility. Get it serviced by a mechanic or technician.

How to Prevent Transmission Issues

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, and this age-old advice certainly rings true when dealing with our beloved vehicles. Making sure your car has plenty of transmission fluid, doing routine service and maintenance, avoiding putting undue stress on the transmission and keeping an eye out for any potential issues are all great ways to keep your Mercedes’ transmission running smoothly for many miles to come.

Heynneman European Can Help With Transmission Repair

If you believe that your vehicle’s transmission needs to be repaired, the experienced Mercedes Transmission Repair mechanics at Heynneman European in San Rafael, California will be able to resolve the issue and get you back on the road in no time.

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