When you notice that you have an oil leak in your BMW, there are a few different possibilities as to why. Whether you’re coming from Larkspur, Kentfield, Corte, Mill Valley, San Anselmo, Fairfax, or San Rafael, CA, Heynneman European can both diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Get to Know the Oil in Your BMW

Since BMW cars are considered top of the line and revered in their class, they often take a specific type of oil. Genuine Synthetic 5W30 oil is some of the best oil for BMW engines.

Since the creation of the automobile, one of the most basic functions of a car’s motor oil is to keep the different parts of your car’s engine moving properly. In order to move the right way, the engine make-up must be lubricated. Motor oil allows for the proper lubrication without creating a dangerous amount of friction, therefore keeping your engine from overheating or becoming run-down.

The Various Reasons Behind Oil Leaks in Your BMW

There are multiple reasons that your BMW motor oil could end up leaking from your vehicle. If you notice a leak and wish to learn the root of the problem, read on below. Some of the major reasons for oil leaks are:

  • You have a bad engine gasket: A gasket is the seal between two different parts of your car. If you have a bad engine gasket, this will allow oil to leak out of its designed engine circulation and onto various parts, which will cause erosion.
  • Your oil filler cap is broken: Without a working oil filler cap, the oil will escape through the opening. Get a replacement cap as soon as possible at a reliable European car repair shop.
  • There is oil pan damage: Large rocks and chunks of dirt can create oil pan damage in your BMW. If your oil pan is damaged, it is likely that the oil will be leaking in your vehicle.
  • There is an oil drain plug leak: Your oil drain is located at the bottom of your BMW’s oil pan. If the drain plug has a leak that means the oil cannot remain inside and is therefore leaking onto other parts of your car, causing damage.

Signs of an Oil Leak

Taking your car to Heynneman European is one of the best things you can do when you realize that your BMS has an oil leak. Let’s look at the most common symptoms of an oil leak:

  • There is smoke coming out from under the hood: Smoke coming out from under your hood means that the oil leak is severe. Your car may be leaking oil onto important car parts such as your battery or your engine. Stop what you’re doing and drive your car to a repair shop as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage.
  • Oil puddles underneath your BMW: If you notice liquid or oil pooling underneath your car when it is parked, you might have an oil leak. Though less severe, it is still a sign that your car is dripping oil when it shouldn’t be.
  • You smell burning oil or burning toast: The smell of burning means that there is something wrong with your BMW. The oil could be creating a burning underneath the hood of your car that needs to be seen by a specialist right away.
  • Your indicator light is on: Any time your indicator light is illuminated on your car’s dashboard, take your car to be serviced as soon as possible. This could be a clear indication of an oil leak.
  • You hear popping and cracking sounds: A popping or cracking sound means that hot oil is dripping onto the other hot parts of your car. This could be a potential fire hazard, so stop driving if you hear these noises.
  • Your car thermometer indicates overheating: If your car is overheating, it is a pretty good sign that oil could be leaking onto your engine. This means that the oil is not lubricating the proper parts and is instead escaping.

Heynneman European Can Fix Your BMW’s Oil Leak Problem

Whether you are coming from Larkspur, Kentfield, BMW Oil Change Corte, Mill Valley, San Anselmo, Fairfax, or San Rafael, CA, Heynneman European can help solve your BMW’s oil leak problem quickly and professionally.

If you find that your BMW is not performing up to standard or has an oil leak, bring it to Heynneman European where we will diagnose and repair it with ease. Since 1979, our shop has stayed committed to helping drivers all throughout San Rafael and the surrounding areas in Marin County with high quality service and a straightforward, honest, & friendly approach to customer service.

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