Bouncing up and down or feeling pulled left and right in your car can be incredibly frustrating. What is even more frustrating is the damage that suspension issues can do to the rest of the vehicle if left unattended. While it may feel like these issues came from nowhere, there are typically a few key reasons behind them.

This article is going to cover some of the reasons behind suspension issues in your Volvo, as well as how to identify suspension problems and tips to prevent them. First, let’s discuss what the suspension does to better understand the issues that may plague it.

The Role of the Suspension System

The suspension system is responsible for striking the right balance between two opposing ideals: keeping your vehicle handling the road and keeping the ride comfortable. The suspension is made up of tires, shocks and springs. The suspension aims to keep the vehicle’s wheels on the ground as much as possible.

How to Identify Suspension Issues in Your Volvo

A scrupulous driver should be on the lookout for issues that may arise within his or her vehicle. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may have a suspension that needs to be repaired by a qualified mechanic:

Bumpy Ride

Your Volvo should be delivering an enjoyable driving experience. If you notice that your car feels bumpier than normal when driving on a mostly smooth terrain, there may be an issue with the vehicle’s suspension system.

Tires Have Uneven Wear

All of the tires on your automobile should wear down at roughly the same rate. When there is a suspension issue that places an extra burden on one side of the vehicle, that tire(s) may wear down quicker than the others. Look out for uneven wear on your Volvo’s tires.

One Corner Sits Lower Than the Others

If your car is sitting cockeyed, this is a clear indication that the suspension is not working properly, and is most likely a sign of a broken spring. Consider taking your vehicle into a repair shop as soon as you can to get the issue resolved.

The Car Pulls or Drifts When Turning

Your car’s suspension helps to keep the vehicle stable when taking turns. A pulling sensation may be present when the suspension is not working properly. Check it out or get a trusted mechanic to take a look.

Common Reasons Behind Suspension Issues

Suspension issues aren’t always related to a failure of one of the springs or shocks. Tires are also a part of the suspension system, and are sometimes a reason for suspension problems. Here are some of the primary reasons behind your Volvo’s suspension issues:

Misaligned Wheels

A poor alignment can cause your vehicle to want to lean naturally one way. This is a common cause of suspension problems.

Worn Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers wear down over time. When this happens, your car will not be able to keep its wheels on the ground as well. As a result, you will probably feel every little bump on the road. Cost of installing new shocks on your rear wheels varies but is likely a bit above $250. Call our shop for pricing.

Broken Springs

Springs are liable to break and wear down over time like the other parts of the suspension system. As discussed above, broken springs can cause your car to sag to one side.

Damaged Control Arms

The control arms are another often-overlooked part of your Volvo’s suspension. These hold the wheels to the car’s frame and connect the wheels to the steering mechanism. They can become damaged and result in noticeable problems.

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