BMWs are strong, powerful vehicles that are performance-driven and uniquely styled. Even with this, there are going to be issues that arise, just like any other vehicle. Specifically for BMWs, electronic issues will appear the most. This article describes the reasons why electronic issues occur and some signs to look for that these issues are happening. In the end, you will know when to bring your BMW in for servicing to ensure it has all electronic issues addressed.

Battery Issues

The most common reason for electronic issues in BMW is battery issues. The battery is one of the main components that allow your BMW to start.

When you turn the key in the ignition, the battery comes on, and the ignition coil can convert that small amount of voltage into the thousands that are required to get the engine going. Without the battery, your BMW has no life, as the battery is the first step in the start-up process.

Not only is the battery used to help start the engine, but it is also used to power the electrical components. This is why you will experience electronic issues if there is a faulty battery in your BMW.

The best way to prevent electrical issues caused by the battery is to do what you can to extend its lifespan. A car battery generally lasts about four years, but this can be greatly reduced if it is not taken care of.

You want to make sure that you unplug all electronics, such as cell phones, when you turn off your BMW. You should also check to ensure that the door or overhead light does not remain on once you leave your BMW. These will all help to prevent complete drainage of the battery. It is usually because the overhead light was left on as to why you wake up in the morning to a dead battery.

One last thing that you should check when electrical issues are suspected is the battery terminal and the connection cables. These parts ensure that the battery can function properly. They are also easily susceptible to corrosion that is due to exposure, such as cold rain, snow, or ice. Clearing out these areas every couple of months of debris or any minor corrosion that has occurred can help your BMW’s battery reach its complete lifespan.

Alternator Issues

The alternator belt is responsible for converting energy from the engine’s rotating crankshaft into electricity. The electricity is then dispersed to the many areas in your BMW that require it to function properly.

Many of these parts are accessories that came with your BMW, but they also include the computer sensors that are throughout your vehicle. The good thing is, there are warning signs that will alert you to alternator issues.

The first sign is erratic headlights. You may notice the headlights flickering from bright light to dim light and then back again. This demonstrates that the alternator is having an issue with smoothly converting the engine’s energy into electricity.

Another sign of alternator issues relates to window operation. The windows may not smoothly or easily go up or down when you press the button.

Cables, Wires, and Fuses

The last reason behind electronic issues in your BMW relates to the cables, wires, and fuses. To ensure that your BMW can smoothly operate, there is a highly intelligent computer system that heavily relies on the connections from the wires and cables. Through these cables, the computer gathers information about what parts are working in optimal condition and what parts are not. If there is a blown fuse or failed wiring in your BMW, the electricity connection is not complete, thus, leading to electronic issues.

It is also good to note that one blown fuse can lead to others rather quickly so identifying the faulty wire or fuse is important in maintaining the overall function of your BMW.

Repairing the Electrical Issues in your BMW

Electronic issues can occur at any time, so it is important to know the reasons why they occur. Knowing these reasons will help you to bring your BMW in for servicing quicker.

Fixing BMW Electronic Issues

Once you notice any electronic issues occurring, bringing your BMW into Heynneman European is the best way to go. We are easily accessible from the areas of Larkspur, Kentfield, Corte, Mill Valley, San Anselmo, Fairfax, and San Rafael, CA. We always have trained and certified mechanics available to inspect your BMW and address all the electronic issues. We are pleased to assist you with all your BMW needs.

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