When you think of luxury in vehicles, safety is also of the essence. Mercedes Benz is known to offer both to the highest degrees. There has been an improvement over the years on the various safety features that come with the brand’s models. This is one such reason why automobile users patronize the Mercedes brand, even with its expensive nature during purchase. Let’s take a closer look at the Mercedes brand safety features in San Rafael over the years.

Driver’s Assist Safety Features

This technology is used to prevent future collisions. It is designed to help Mercedes vehicles when they aren’t aware of an impending problem. The system gives a warning sound to the driver, should an accident be imminent. This is detected by using various sensors that have been installed by the Mercedes Benz manufacturers in the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Distronic Plus feature and Active Speed Limit

This technology helps the driver to keep a distance that is safe from other vehicles. It acts as a traffic control guide and helps maintain safe cruise control. This also automatically adjusts the car speed to the speed limits that have been placed on the roads. The vehicle can know the speed limits via the GPS sensors and installed car cameras. This technology is also able to detect sharp bends, roundabouts, T-junctions, and various compulsory stops. Traffic jams or slow traffic and other cars can also be detected by this amazing technology.

Mercedes Benz Night View Assist Plus

Driving through the roads on nights that are very dark can be difficult for all drivers. Even with the bright headlamps on, it is still difficult to navigate at night. The Mercedes Benz comes installed with the Night View Assist Plus technology, which works by making use of special lights, LED lamps, and infrared lights in the vehicle. It then projects this information as real-time data to the cockpit screen, where your speedometer usually resides. The Mercedes driver is able to glance at this while keeping their eyes on the road, as they’d do with a speedometer.

This technology gives the driver better peace of mind, as the view becomes brighter and clearer to give a seamless night driving experience.

Mercedes Benz Attention Assist

Your Mercedes usually comes first in technology. The producers know that drivers can be tired and experience fatigue over a long-distance drive. Attention assist provides quick warnings for driver fatigue. This innovation helps to know each driver’s style of driving and adjust with the driver.

As soon as the vehicle is driven, the sensors help detect the driving style within a few minutes of usage. It also observes how often the driver interacts with the various vehicle controls and steering. It observes the road and wind.

During the driving experience, if the sensor observes a deviation from the normal, an alarm is sounded. This notification helps the driver to be alert and further prevents an accident. The driver is further encouraged to pull over and take a rest.

Mercedes Active Blind Spot Assist

This technology is built into the vehicle to help you detect when a vehicle is close to you. If a vehicle is by your Mercedes side, and you engage your indicators to make a turn, the vehicle gives a red signal sign on the side mirrors. This helps the driver know that there is a vehicle close by to avoid accidents.

Mercedes Benz Lane Keeping Assist

This feature helps the vehicle user to maintain a particular lane on the highway. When the vehicle sensor observes the user is about to change lanes to another lane, and there is an oncoming vehicle, the onboard computer alerts the driver with an alarm sound, and the steering vibrates. This technology notifies the driver to maintain his lane on the highway.

Mercedes Adaptive Braking

This technology helps the vehicle stop and remain intact on the spot as soon as the brakes are engaged. The brakes, therefore, are made to adapt to each road type. This feature works irrespective of road conditions.

Heynneman European: Experts on Mercedes Safety Technology

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