Oil leaks are, among other things, very inconvenient. If your BMW begins to leak engine oil, it can be tempting to just keep driving and ignore the puddles of oil that build up under your car. Choosing to drive with an engine oil leak can be dangerous if done for an extended period of time.

This article is going to discuss some of the risks associated with driving your BMW with an oil leak, why you should get it resolved and the best place to fix it.

Why Your BMW May Be Leaking Oil

Oil serves to lubricate your car’s engine, and it circulates throughout, ensuring things are moving smoothly and not overheating from friction. Much of the oil in your vehicle is stored in the engine pan, which can be one of several different locations of a leak.

Some of the most common causes of an oil leak are:

Degraded engine gaskets

Gaskets help keep things tight and sealed in the engine, which helps oil circulate freely when they are operating correctly. They may wear over time due to a buildup of contaminants and natural exposure. When this happens, you may notice a leak under your vehicle.

Oil pan leaks

The oil pan is where the oil in your engine is held. This may become cracked or punctured by rocks and debris under your vehicle when you are driving as it is on the bottom of the car.

Faulty oil seals

Seals all throughout the engine help to ensure that no fluid or gas can escape. When these become faulty, leaks can occur.

Bad connections

Bad connections between different parts of your BMW’s engine may cause a leak. This can be tricky to identify because of the numerous parts of the engine, so you will likely need a trained mechanic to take a look.

Risks Associated With Driving With an Oil Leak

There are several different dangers that come with an oil leak that make it imperative that the issue be resolved quickly. Not only are there risks to your engine’s health, but it can also prove to be unsafe for you and the environment.

Fire Hazard

Oil leaks are known to occasionally start fires. While a drip or two on a hot part of your vehicle such as the exhaust will burn off and be harmless, if there is built up oil on the exhaust, it may ignite.

Expedited Deterioration of Engine Parts

When there is less oil to go around in your engine, various gaskets, seals and other engine parts will begin to rub together and deteriorate quicker. This can end up costing you a large sum of money.

It Can Stain Your Driveway

Unsightly stains are the nemesis of the respectable homeowner. The dark puddles that build up from oil leaks are very hard to remove from concrete driveways, so try to reduce the amount of oil that leaks from your engine once you notice it.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Oil leaks can reduce your BMW’s gas mileage as the engine is no longer operating it its most efficient.

Environmental Damage

Engine oil is very toxic to the environment. It will kill plants and can be harmful if ingested by animals. It can also upset the natural state of bodies of water if it seeps into them, disturbing natural pH and salinity levels.

BMW Engine Oil Filling

Visit Heynneman European if Your BMW is Leaking Engine Oil

In conclusion, it is not safe to drive your BMW with an engine oil leak. The issue needs to be addressed quickly to avoid experiencing any of the risks listed above. If you are in the San Rafael, California area, there is no better place to go than Heynneman European.

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