Volvo is a luxury brand known for its durability, safety and performance. Although its maintenance cost is more affordable than most luxurious vehicles, it is quite expensive compared to other Japanese brands. The hefty maintenance cost is attributed to its parts. They are usually costly and need to be reprogrammed when replaced.

Repairs and maintenance costs are usually the biggest turnoffs for anyone looking to own a luxury vehicle; however, this shouldn’t hinder you from getting a fantastic Volvo model. Discussed below are some tips on how to avoid expensive maintenance costs in your Volvo.

What Makes Repair of Volvos Expensive?

Admittedly, every vehicle develops one fault or the other throughout its lifespan. The financial commitment required to correct these faults differs depending on the brand and the severity of the damage. Discussed below are some factors that make Volvo repairs expensive.

  • Expensive Parts: Volvo repairs that would require major component replacement are usually cost-intensive. The vehicle’s components are generally more pricey than regular Japanese vehicles. Some new parts may also need to be reprogrammed, adding to the repair cost. These factors impact the overall price of part replacements.
  • Poor Maintenance: Naturally, every car experiences wear and tear after a long period of use. However, when a vehicle is used recklessly without much regard for maintenance, the vehicle depreciation is accelerated, and damages are more intense, leading to expensive repairs. The same principle applies to your Volvo; reckless driving and poor maintenance habits would impact its reliability, resulting in costly repairs.
  • Time-Consuming Repairs: Volvos have a complex system which makes their repair difficult and time-consuming. Since most parts are programmed to the vehicle, they need to be reprogrammed when changed. Hence, apart from figuring out the complex system, the technician must also reprogram the new sensors in the components, which takes time. The lengthy hours invested in the repairs would be factored into the labor cost.

How to Avoid Expensive Volvo Repairs

The cost of repairs should not stop you from getting a Volvo. Discussed below are some tips which you can use to avoid expensive repairs.

Practice good driving habits

Bad driving habits impact a vehicle’s reliability, performance, and repair cost. Sudden acceleration, hard braking, and harsh steering are all bad driving that affects your vehicle over time. These habits cause the premature wear of your tires and brake pads, requiring them to be replaced more often than usual, which are always costly. Cautious driving helps prevent accelerated wear of parts and eliminates the need for costly repairs.

Practice preventive maintenance

As a Volvo owner, practicing routine maintenance service will go a long way in ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and preventing expensive repairs. You need to closely monitor your front wheel alignment and serpentine belt to avoid costly repairs down the line.

The serpentine belt needs to be replaced before it wears down because its failure impacts the engine. The front wheels also need regular alignment as they usually get out of line after extensive use, thereby straining your tires and suspension.

Fixing problems spontaneously

To avoid extensive repairs, you must understand that tending to every issue before they become full-blown is very important. Tackling little problems helps prevent major damage, and when major damage occurs, it is not further complicated by those minor issues.

Regular fluid check and change

Fluids are an important part of every vehicle, as they lubricate and cool down the various moving parts in your car. The regular inspections and changes of fluids would help prevent transmission, engine or clutch problems.


Having a well-structured insurance program in place is another effective way to reduce the financial burden of a Volvo repair. Most insurance would cover the expenses for hefty repairs, which takes a huge burden off you.

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