A Porsche is more than a striking design, an iconic silhouette, and groundbreaking technology. At the heart of each coupe, roadster, or hybrid is a sports car. Every model is designed with exceptional power in mind to provide an exhilarating driving experience.

A great sense of satisfaction comes from each ignition turn as you hear your Porsche come to life. Paying attention to the sound of your vehicle, along with how it handles, can alert you to the various repairs it will need over its life.

The Power of the Ignition Coil and Signs of Failure

A powerful engine means nothing without a surge of energy to start it. The process begins with the turn of the ignition sending a mere 12 volts from the battery to the ignition coil. The vehicle sensor signals the coil on, which then converts the battery power to thousands of volts. This is enough for the spark plug to ignite that precise mixture of fuel and oxygen waiting in your engine.

Any failure in the ignition coil will disrupt this necessary power conversion. Fortunately, your Porsche will often give you a heads up that something isn’t right before extensive damage occurs.

  • Check Engine Light: A seasoned driver doesn’t panic when the check engine light first appears. They continue on to their destination and file a mental note to have it checked out later. Unfortunately, some drivers allow weeks to go by and end up with serious engine failure that started with a simple overheating coil. Don’t ignore this warning light. Visit your local European auto repair shop and have them diagnose the problem to keep your Porsche in excellent condition.
  • Engine Misfires: There are a variety of factors that lead to an engine misfiring. If you feel jerking or vibration coming from your engine, then one of your cylinders probably isn’t firing properly. The coil on plug technology available in late-model engines allows each cylinder to operate individually.

Some of today’s ignition coils are controlled by the vehicle’s computer, which might need a software update if it suddenly stops signaling on the coil. Another cause could be worn or dirty spark plugs or an issue with the wiring. Any of these issues will disrupt the ability of the coil to produce the required voltage for the engine.

  • Increased Fuel Consumption: Tracking your gas mileage each time you fill up might seem tedious, but it’s an easy and effective way to monitor your vehicle’s performance. Increased fuel consumption could indicate an overheating ignition coil caused by worn insulation or a crack in the terminal. Ideally, this problem is avoided by keeping up with the factory recommended maintenance schedule. Talk to a trusted mechanic any time you suspect your car’s running through gas too quickly.
  • Slow acceleration: The acceleration rate of a Porsche is one of its many desirable and gratifying features. Pressing the gas pedal and not feeling that immediate surge of momentum means one of your engine’s cylinders isn’t getting enough power. A qualified mechanic will inspect the engine to decipher if the problem is with a faulty coil, spark plug, or wire. Catching the cause early will prevent further damage to your engine systems.
  • Engine Hesitation: Since the heart of a sports car is its engine, it’s certainly concerning when you hear more of a sputter than a purr. Finding the cause of the hesitation before driving it again is necessary to halt further damage.

A specialty repair shop can determine if a disruption to the ignition coil is resulting from a faulty engine control module, a damaged coil, or a failure somewhere else in the system.

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Heynneman European recommends having your Porsche Ignition Coil Inspection vehicle routinely serviced at designated mileage intervals to preserve its superior quality. This preventative maintenance approach ensures many common repairs will be identified before they cause serious engine damage.

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