I love the crisp air of Fall and I am looking forward to some cleansing rain as it arrives. With these end of summer heatwaves, we have some time to enjoy seasons changing. However, with all the fluctuating weather and air pressure, it’s important to make sure your maintenance is up to date.

While in the middle of life’s daily hustle and making the most of this summer’s beautiful (and sometimes particularly hot) weather, you might have let proper car care slide. Over time, that will add extra wear and ultimately shorten the life of the vehicle. We’re here to help! Check out our End of Summer Tips and Maintenance Service below.


Check Air Conditioning
Problems arise when a small leak depletes refrigerant from the AC system. Be sure to have your system checked before hitting the road for that last summer road trip.

Check Tire Pressure
Tire pressures fluctuate as temperatures change, especially when it’s over 100 degrees on the road surface. This can cause excessive tire wear and poor handling.


Check Fluid Levels
Proper fluid levels will ensure your vehicle won’t overheat or cause other problems that can ruin your drive. Have us check all fluid levels.

Change Your Oil Regularly
Good technicians recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles (for regular oil) or 5,000 miles (for full synthetic). Clean oil means a better-performing engine that lasts more years and protects your investment. Mine is at 300,000 miles!

Don’t Neglect Your Air Filter
Be sure to have your air filter checked each service and replace it as needed as this can reduce your fuel efficiency significantly if it is dirty.

Have Us Check Your Battery
Modern vehicles consume batteries at a higher rate, with their high current draws and electrical loads.

Have a Great Trip!
Following these car care tips will help ensure your drive is safe, pleasant and relaxing for you and your family, whether it is for a trip or for your commute.

End of Summer Maintenance Service Items:

  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Tire inspection
  • Battery Test
  • Inspect brake condition
  • Inspection of cables
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Check the condition of the coolant system
  • Check front end shocks and struts
  • Inspect wiper blades and air filter
  • Check headlights, brake lights and turn signals

Let our technicians make sure your vehicle is ready for the road this Fall.

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