A sporting item was removed from my trunk while in the possession of this shop, and
I thought the lot would be secure. I thought the diagnosis would go toward expense of
a repair – given taking a cam cover off (if that’s what was done) would likely stay off
for a half hour while I decided to do the repair or not. The Mechanic was on an
extended lunch well past 1pm, when I wanted to give my decision to repair the car
there. The on duty person treated me 2nd class in my opinion, and said to wait there
for someone else to come back since he wanted to head for lunch early. I like to talk
directly to the person working on my car, not a relay from the owner to a mechanic
and back (my preference) – one reason I was hesitant to do my repair there. The
quote for what I needed done was over twice what I got it done for elsewhere with
even more extensive work and parts proposed. Most repair shops don’t charge over
150 for less than an hour and a half hour of diagnosis with that going toward labor of
actual repair. I got a proposal that included a free tire check and brake cleaning
service, though the brake cleaner was a fee. The brakes never got cleaned
apparently, but the tires were checked (included). It got a diagnosis, but it was not
really determined that that was exactly what the real issue was as the owner put it
“until I get in there” – but this was 180 dollars later after diagnosis fee (initially
proposed at 260 approximately). I got out paying 180 dollars with a diagnosis of a
suspected yet unconfirmed front crank seal needing to be replaced – which was fairly
common sense knowledge already simply bringing the car onto the lot it was that
and/or cam seals. The shop does not give an estimate of hrs. for a repair by usual
repair shop manual standards – they bid on the job as a whole which is fine, I
suppose. $2,500 was verbally given to me as an estimate for a timing belt, water
pump, front crank seal, serpentine belt – as I understood. There was no accurate
report written up actually. I was told bolts were in each of the rear tires, which was
true, and one was removed but the other would need a patch. I think the patch should
have been included in the 180.00 of diagnosis time in my opinion. I drove off at least
knowing the bolt was holding air as the receptionist told me. I needed another small
part replaced to work on my car safely – hood shocks. I was told that would be
“thrown in” as a part of the repair as I left. I went to a nearby storage lot wondering
weather or not to take my car back there when I had allocated another grand, and
made my decision to get another bid in the same area at another shop. I wrote an
e-mail and called asking about the missing item from my car with no reply to the
e-mail and the receptionist said my son’s skateboard was not there. The loaner car
was cool. It had just under 12 gallons in it when I started the car to take off, but I had
been told to return it at 12 gallons or more and to pay cash for any bridges I crossed

(agreed). I put in more gas than I was given in the loaner – to be appreciative of that
generosity to even get a loaner car. I paid the 6 dollar bridge fare too of course, and
told the receptionist about that. Then a woman came from a back office to double
check me on that as well as gas put in the car while I was being written up! It was a
bit overkill for me. I just felt like the place was more classy than I had the budget for,
but in a sense it felt like I had a very friendly reception there with dog treats for my
dog and a couple m&m candies to p.u. for my kids too. bottom line was my son’s 269
dollar longboard skateboard was missing from the trunk after bringing my car there.
Not good.

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