The BMW brand models are famous for their luxurious appeal and top-notch performance. Regular maintenance and servicing of your BMW is a must in order to preserve its level of performance. A water pump is a core component of the cooling system of the car. It is essential to routinely replace the water pump as it ages or if it gets damaged.

Purpose of a Water Pump

A water pump’s job is to keep the engine coolant flowing throughout the cooling system. The radiator is connected to the engine by a cooling system that loops back to the radiator. The coolant is pumped through the engine block, hoses, and radiator by the water pump. This coolant in the water jackets around the cylinders inside the engine block ensures an optimal temperature level in your BMW. It does not allow it to get too hot while it is continuously creating power and energy.

The coolant is circulated around the engine through hoses from the engine block to the radiator over the front of your BMW. It is this technology that allows drivers to relax and enjoy a pleasant, comfortable car journey. As the water pump is responsible for cooling the surrounding components, it usually has six blades and can enhance coolant flow by attaching a shroud to the bottom of the impeller.

The central spindle of the water pump turns along with the fan belt turns once the engine is running. When the centre spindle rotates, the paddle-like protrusions rotate as well, taking advantage of centrifugal force to create suction. The pump can then draw water from the radiator and transmit it to the engine via the hoses. The water then absorbs the heat produced by the engine before returning to the radiator to be cooled.

Causes of Water Pump Failure

  • Wearing out: The water pump ages with time and thus wears out, leading to a water pump failure. Since the water pump will slowly degrade over time, you should get a timely replacement of this component to maintain your BMW’s efficiency.
  • Leaking Coolant: If the water pump is damaged and causing a coolant leak, it should be immediately repaired or replaced. A lack of coolant can cause severe problems and damage to your BMW. The water pump will not work when there isn’t enough coolant or pressure in the system, putting strain on the pump and causing the engine to overheat.
  • Old Coolant: Using old coolant will create problems in the working of the water pump. Thus, it is better to flush out the old coolant and fill the water pump with new and efficient coolant as per your BMW’s manual guidelines.

Signs of a Failing Water Pump

You must watch for the common warning signs of water pump failure in your BMW and resolve the problem right away with the help of experts. As the water pump is responsible for the coolant flowing around the engine to keep it from overheating, a few general signs of water pump failure include an overheating of the engine, leaking fluids, or steam coming from the engine. If you notice any of these signs, you should bring your BMW to our service center.

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