Drivers may encounter problems with their vehicles during the brutal summer heat. The harsh operating conditions are unsuitable for cars and could wreak havoc on various components if they are not properly maintained and kept cool.

Overheating can cause serious damage to the engine block, cylinder head, radiator, heaters and affect your Audi’s overall performance. The cost of fixing these damages is always expensive and time-consuming. However, knowing how to maintain your Audi during extreme heat will go a long way in helping you prevent it from breaking down. Discussed below are some maintenance tips for your Audi during extreme heat.

Audi Maintenance Tips for Extreme Heat

Use Proper Coolants

Coolants are a very important liquid that helps regulate your engine temperature. During summer or extreme heat, it is important to always check your coolant level. In case you do not know how to check the coolant level, here is a quick step to do so:

  1. Park your car and allow the engine to cool down before opening the hood.
  2. Apply the hood safety latch.
  3. Find the coolant reservoir.
  4. You can then look at the side to check the level of coolant.
  5. You must always use your manufacturer’s recommended coolant, as other products may be unsuitable for the engine and could cause damage to the engine.

Regular Tire Checks

Extreme heat also affects tire pressure, which causes the tires to over-inflate. You should frequently check your tire pressure during summer or extreme heat to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s standards because over-inflated or high-pressure tires can cause blowouts.

You should also pay close attention to the tire tread during intense heat, as extreme heat can cause tread separation. Ensure that the tire treads have good depth because worn-out tread limits the tire’s effectiveness in providing traction. If you notice that the steering is constantly vibrating while driving or the vehicle is steering to one side, you may want to check your alignment. You should always check your tire pressure during extreme heat conditions.

Regularly Replace Filters

The Audi filters can get clogged with dust or other forms of dirt, making the filter less effective. An Audi has four main filters, including the air filter, oil filter, cabin filter, and fuel filter. Although all the filters are important, you should closely monitor the air and cabin filters during summer as they can save you a lot of trouble. Both filters purify dirty air allowing only pure air.

The cabin filter cleans the air that comes into the cabin through the air conditions and heater and helps increase their lifespan. When damaged, the quality of air in the vehicle drastically drops. The air conditioning and heater may also get damaged, and no one wants a bad air condition during summer.

The air filter also prevents dirty air from getting into the engine. It also needs to be changed regularly to prevent the engine from getting damaged or overheating.

Avoid exposing your vehicle to direct sunlight

Exposing your vehicle to extreme sunlight and heat can cause the paint to fade or wear quicker. You can also preserve your Audi’s paint by waxing regularly. The intense heat can also damage your vehicle’s interior. It can cause leather seats to crack or melt dashboards and damage other vehicle parts. To avoid this, you need to park your car under shade, in a garage, or use a car cover when not in use.

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